Monty presents us with a journey to a magical world through the center of the earth. Worlds of pure fun and entertainment will make you not want to stop playing.

Help Monty!

Collect all the diamonds needed to complete the phase, discover hidden traps and unlock new and exciting levels in this fun and exciting game!

Solve complicated puzzles in dozens of levels, avoid evil traps and complex obstacles. Each level is dangerously fun, breaking through doors, dodging holes, breaking blocks that block your way, and running so you don't get crushed by shifting walls.

Use your tool inventory to lead Monty to a safe exit.

Explore more than 200 levels. Move gigantic rocks, cross rivers of lava, be careful not to fall into the abyss and run so you don't get caught in gas explosions.

It's definitely an exciting journey, where you'll have to use your ingenuity and intelligence at every level.
Monty will make you vibrate with emotion and with him you will reach the end almost breathless.

Good luck!

For players of all ages and abilities, what are you waiting for? Play now!


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  • Jostick control for left-handed and right-handed.
  • Win daily boosters in our roulette.
  • More than 200 amazing levels.
  • Bonus\" levels.
  • Levels against the clock.
  • Super powerful boosters.
  • Rankings for you and your friends to compare your scores.
  • Connect to the Internet to unlock all the game functions and synchronize your game between all your mobile devices.
  • More than 50 achievements.