A game to train your brain while you relax, train your numerical skills and test your math skills in a relaxed environment.

“Your calm mind is the best weapon for your challenges, so relax.”
Bryant McGill

Get a state of physical and mental rest, leaving the muscles in complete abandonment and the mind free of any concern while you play.
Eliminate daily stress and give your mind a breath, let the music envelop you.

How to play? Numer-Om consists of performing simple mathematical operations until the total is reached, it has infinite rounds in which you will be able to test your mathematical capacity.

If you want to make Numer-Om a challenge, you also have a multiplier that will increase your final score that you can compare and share with other players.

In Numer-Om you have three difficulty levels, making it an ideal game for the whole family.

Easy level: Ideal for children to learn and reinforce their knowledge.

Intermediate level: Keeps your mind active. An excellent gymnastics to train your brain in a pleasant environment. Let yourself be carried away by the music and relax while your brain works almost without realizing it.

Difficult level: If you like to challenge yourself the most, choose this level and put yourself to the test. Speed and numerical ab ility will be essential to achieve the results.

Numer-Om, relax while you play.

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  • Infinite rounds
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Achievements with Google Play Games
  • Ranking with Google Play Game s
  • Ability to remove ads by simply watching 10 commercial videos
  • Relaxing music